SLAC Password Change Forms

SLAC Password Change Forms

To change your Windows password:

SLAC Windows password change web page

To change your UNIX password:

SLAC Unix password change web page

* If your UNIX password has not expired, you can also log onto a SLAC unix computer (such as iris or flora) and change your password using the 'password' command (full path: /usr/local/bin/password).

To change your Oracle (SLAC_TCP) password:

SLAC Oracle SLAC_TCP password change web page

You need your current Oracle password to access this form. For more information on changing Oracle passwords, see: Password Change Instructions (scroll down to the Oracle section).

To change your External Crowd (Confluence, Jira) password:

Crowd Password Change page

Note: This page is only for "External" crowd users; if you access Confluence and Jira using your SLAC UNIX or Windows account, you need to use the appropriate methods (above) to change those passwords.

* If you need your Windows or UNIX password reset, and do not remember your old password, contact the IT Help Desk: 650-926-4357, or click this link: IT Services

* If you need your Oracle password reset, contact DB-Admin by email

General Password Requirements:

Direct questions about this page to: unix-admin